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Have a Coffee, But Don't Eat?!

By Andrew Rimmer | — Filed under

"If you eat, your body releases insulin, which switches off fats burning, so you don't burn fat in the gym"

This is what I saw yesterday on Facebook, in clip from the TV show This Morning,

They had some 'medical professional' on saying that if you eat before you go to the gym, you're not going to burn fat, 


She stated that you should have a coffee, to 'mobilise' fat and then go to the gym and train fasted, so that your body will use fat as fuel during your workout,

Makes sense doesn't it, 

You want to be able to burn as much fat as possible in your gym sessions, right? 

Apart from you're probably not going to burn fat in the gym anyway,

Even if you did have a coffee and then go into the gym fasted,

You probably still wouldn't burn fat to fuel your session, 

You're body has stores of carbohydrate in your muscles called glycogen, 

So when you lift weights, run, or do whatever you do in the gym, your body will just use these stores, 

Plus, if you don't eat before you train, there's always the possibility you feel rubbish, low on energy, weak and don't actually do as much in your workout as if you'd eaten before,

Your body doesn't really operate on such short time periods, 

What fuel source your using in a workout doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, 

Because your body doesn't work on such short time periods, 

It doesn't react to what happens in one meal, or one workout, or over a few hours in a day, 

So it doesn't matter that after you eat, insulin levels go up to take sugar (and protein) out of the blood and put it into muscles,

It doesn't matter that for the period of time while insulin is elevated that your body can't burn fat, 

Because after a few hours it will drop and your body can go back to burning fat if it needs to, 

And it will need to, if you maintain a calorie deficit over the day/week/month etc...

Because you're using more energy moving around, training, going to work, playing with the kids, than you're taking in from food and drink, 

So at some point in that day/week/month, your body has to dip into it's fat stores to meet those energy demands, 

And that's regardless of whether you've 'allowed' insulin to go up after meals,

Regardless of whether you've trained fasted, or whether you've eaten before you've trained, 

'Experts' like this just make things more complicated for you,

Seeing 'experts' like this on TV, making stuff sound all complex to justify them being there really grinds my gears, 

They're making it harder for you, rather than easier, 

They should be making it as simple as possible for you and empowering you to be able to make your own choices when it comes to eating, 

That's what I try and do for clients, 

My aim is to make things as simple as possible for them,

So that they can choose what they want to eat... within reason!? 

Enjoy their meals, eat at times that suit them and fit in around work and family, 

Allow them to have a social life, 

Help them to enjoy their training, whilst still making the most of their time in the gym, 

And teach them HOW to eat fewer calories, expend as many as possible, so that they can eat as much food and be as flexible with their food choices as possible, while promoting good health and maintaining that all important calorie deficit,

If this sounds like the type of help you need, then click here NOW; fill in the form and grab your free Nutrition and Training Strategy Call  and see where I can help you,

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