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By Andrew Rimmer | — Filed under

"A glass of wine or two before bed can help weight loss - as it's like an hour in the gym"

This was a heading in a Daily Mirror article I got sent this week, 

I can see people's eyes lighting up readings that headline, 

"Forget the gym, have a couple of glasses of wine? That's a weight loss plan I get behind,"


The article goes on to explain how red wine contains this thing called resveratrol,

And according to the article, it can "help prevent weight gain by 70%"

Apparently this has to be done in the evening though, because the calories from wine can prevent late night snacking, which is a cause of weight gain,

Now let's have a look what they really mean...

I'm guessing you already knew this was going to be utter rubbish, 

If you're honest, you've probably been having a few glasses of wine a night and not losing weight, 

You might even have noticed if you have a couple of wines a night it probably makes you snack more!?

But part fo what their saying is right,

Resveratrol is actually a pretty cool nutrient,

It's similar to an antioxidant, so has been shown to have anti-cancer properties, as well as benefit heart health and type II diabetes,

But nothing for weight loss, 

In fact, the study they site in the article didn't even look at weight loss, 

It looked at exercise performance... in rats...

Also, even if resveratrol did help weight loss, there's only between  0.045mg and 1.61mg in a 250ml glass of wine, 

If you supplement resveratrol, it comes in 20mg tablets,

Oh yeah, and the dosages used in studies that have seen positive effects has been as high as 2000mg...

That's the equivalent of well over 1200 glasses of wine,

Good luck getting that,

This is why weight loss gets complicated,

Because lazy journo's, rather than either reading the studies properly, or asking someone who can, 

They jump to conclusions, make bold claims and sensational headlines to try and sell their paper, 

Which just throws more and more misinformation into an already crowded pool, 

It drives me mad, because it offers people false hope, 

And drives them away from what will actually help them to not only shift some fat and get in better shape, but also improve their health, 

Don't get me wrong, you can still have a glass of wine and still lose weight,

But skipping the gym and having a couple of glasses a night isn't the way to do it, 

Anyway, the moral of the story is probably this...

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is, 

Stick to focusing on the basics; watching portion sizes, eating a nutrient dense diet (#caloriedeficit) and training 3-5 times a week, 

Enjoying a glass of wine, or a meal in your favourite restaurant in moderation, 

And if you need any help then you can always,  click here, fill in the form and grab a free 30 minute Nutrition and Training Strategy Call 

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