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10 Tips For Creating a Calorie Deficit

By Andrew Rimmer | — Filed under

10 simple things you can do to help create a sustainable calorie deficit:

1. Double the veggies half the starches - next meal, make sure you have twice as many green and colourful veggies on your plate than potato, or rice,

2. Have a solid portion of protein with each meal - protein has the biggest impact on satiety. Basically, it helps you to feel more full after a meal, compared to fat and carbohydrate,

3. Swap you vanilla lattes and fat whites for an Americano with milk - a flat white can be around 150kcals, a skinny latte can still be around 90kcals, so have a few of these a day and it's a substantial amount of calories. Swapping them for an Americano (10-30kcals) can save you a lot of cals,

4. Swap to diet drinks - these are calorie free and current research shows that the sweeteners in these are safe (unless drink over 25 cans in one go!?), so these can be a good way of managing cravings and cutting cals,

5. Get your steps up - this is the easiest way of increasing your metabolism, so start taking the lift instead of the stairs, walking on escalators, parking further from the office door, or taking your calls stood up rather than sat down,

6. Cut out the snacks - plan how many meals you want in the day, then have the rule that you don't snack in between these,

7. Keep a food diary - this gives you an overview of your diet as a whole and can help you identify where you can save yourself a few cals and create that all important deficit,

8. Drink more water - by making sure you're staying hydrated, you can help to prevent cravings and make it easier to avoid snacking between meals,

9. Bin the cheat meals - they're causing you to over-restrict during the week, then smash a load of cals you don't really need in your "chest meal" because you feel like you're making up for everything you've missed out on,

10. Enjoy your diet and your training - if you enjoy it and it doesn't feel like a chore, then it'll be easier to stick to long term,

I often get concerned that I go on about the calorie deficit and don't always say about how you actually achieve it, 

So hopefully this helps, 

And remember, if you need any help,

Hit the link below and grab a Free Nutrition and Training Strategy call and let's have a look at how we make these things more specific to you,

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