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Ask Yourself This Question

By Andrew Rimmer |

Just a thought to take into this week,

Rather than tracking your weight this week, 

Track your behaviours, 

I kind of spoke about this other week, 

About how it's probably more important to set behaviour goals, than it is to set outcome goals,


Outcome goals = weight loss, clothes sizes etc... you know, the things you actually want to achieve,

Behaviour goals = the things you need to do to reach these goals; training in the gym each week, prepping meals, getting your steps up etc...

Because these are the things you have control over,

You can't control what the weight is on the scales, 

Or whether you lose the 2lb a week you've set as your target, 

You can't control your rate of fat loss, 

If your belt goes in a notch this week or not, 

Because these things are affected by so many different factors, 

But what you do have complete control over is YOU and the things that you do, 

You can control if you workout, 

Or if you prep meals, 

Or Track your food diary, 

Or get your steps in,

Yes things like work might throw curveballs at you, 

But you have the ability to work round them, 

Or put a contingency in place to make sure these have minimal impact on your outcome results,

Doing this will take away a lot of stress from the process,

Rather than you being frustrated each week when you get on the scales, 

Or feeling like it's taking forever to see any noticeable results, 

By tracking your success rate with behaviours and actions, you can feel like you're making progress and seeing a positive change in behaviours, 

Plus, it's like watching the clock, it seems to take forever to see the hands move and thus feels like it's taking forever for time to pass, 

It's the same with the scales; keep watching them and it'll feel like they take forever to go down, 

But take your focus away from them and it'll feel like it's happening much quicker, 

Then at the end of the week, you can ask yourself this question, regardless of what the scales say:

Am I happy with my diet and training this week?

If you can honestly answer, "yes," then there's nothing more you can do, 

You're happy with your level of effort, you feel motivated and you can keep moving forwards, 

Where as, after the same week of eating and training, if you used the scales and saw very little progress, feel frustrated and annoyed and then either do something more drastic, or even give up,

Fat loss isn't a fast process and it's not going to happen in a linear fashion, 

So don't let the fickle nature of the scales mess with your head and psyche you out of actually achieving something you really want,

And remember, if you want help with any of this,

Click Here and grab a Free Nutrition and Training Strategy Call and get some help making this work for you

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