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The Real Game Changers

By Andrew Rimmer | — Filed under

So, after hearing all the fuss, I thought I'd sit down and watch the Netflix documentary Game Changers the other night, 

For those of you that don't know, it looks at meat consumption in our diets and asks the question of whether we should be eating meat for our health and performance,

The only issue is that the producers, presenter and everyone else in the movie, have already answered that question in their own heads... and are then trying to push their opinion on you, the viewer, 


The whole 90 minutes is basically, them telling you that you should be vegan, 

That a vegan diet cures all sorts of health issues, increases sports performance, improves recovery from injuries, even improves your manliness if you're a bloke (if you know what I mean!?),

But here's the problem for me,

They cherry pick data to back up their agenda, 

They find athletes that are vegan and are successful and ignore all athletes that eat omnivorous... they even claim the reason Connor McGregor, the loud-mouthed Irish UFC fighter, lost his last fight, was because he ate steaks in the lead up to the fight*, while his opponent was vegan,

*Eating steaks everyday in the lead up to a fight like that is a pretty dumb idea anyway, but it's not the reason he lost the fight... he just lost to a better fighter, 

They insinuate a vegan strongman went from 105kg bodyweight  to 130kg bodyweight after switching to a vegan diet... that it obviously had nothing to do with the 'supplementation' you need to take to grow that much muscle and be able to lift hundreds of kilos!?

They compare the blood tests of NFL players after eating a vegan meal, or eating meat and show how much less cloudy the blood of the vegan player is, compared to the meat eater (because fo the fat in their blood plasma)... apart from they give the vegan player a bean and avocado burrito (that contains veggies and unsaturated fats) and gave fried chicken to the 'meat eaters (no veggies and saturated fats), 

Hardly a fair experiment, or one that's applicable to real life... we already know that eating KFC isn't exactly healthy,

There's also a lot of "we get our protein from cows, but where do cows get theirs from? Grass, so we can get all our protein from a vegan diet," 

Or, "gorillas get all their protein from plants and their huge and strong,"... which might be true, but cows and gorillas have very different digestive systems to humans,

Finally, they tend to neglect any studies that don't back up their pro-vegan stance, 

A lot of studies that suggest a vegan diet is healthier, rely on giving participants questionnaires and asking them to recall their dietary choices over the years and comparing this with their health status, 

But one of the limitations of these studies is that they can't always allow for other lifestyle factors. For example, a lot of people who turn to a vegan diet, do so because they're health conscious, so they tend to exercise regularly, doesn't smoke and manage their stress levels, 

Where as your average meat eater, eats more processed foods, maybe doesn't exercise as regularly, possibly smokes and just generally puts less of an emphasis on looking after their health, 

However, when a study that looked into comparing a vegan diet with an omnivorous diet (one that eats meat, fish and veggies), but only accepted health conscious participants into the study, they found that there was NO HEALTH BENEFITS to following a vegan diet, 

So the moral of the story is this, 

Do what works for you, 

If you want to follow a vegan diet, for ethical reasons, that's fine, 

But understand that it's no healthier than an omnivorous diet,

So when it comes to losing weight, getting in better shape and improving your health, you can do what works for you, 

Just make sure that you always include as many green and colourful veggies in your diet as possible and train regularly, 

Then you can ignore any vegan, low carb, keto, or any other diet related propaganda and just enjoy a healthy diet that works for you, 

And if you need help cutting through a lot of the misinformation and diet myths that are out there, then you can start off by clicking here and grabbing your FREE Nutrition and Training Strategy call with me

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