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One Salad Doesn't Make You Healthy

By Andrew Rimmer | — Filed under

You're never going to be perfect with your diet, 

Think about it, how many times have you said to yourself, "this week I'm going to on it with my diet,"

Only to last a few days and then get caught out having to grab a meal deal sandwich for your lunch, or coming how to find a big pasta dish cooked for you,


But fortunately, you don't need to be perfect with your diet to shift some fat and get in shape, 

Your diet just has to be good enough to create a calorie deficit for long enough for you to lose a noticeable amount of fat, 

And what you do once, doesn't impact that, 

One meal deal sandwich on the go, 

One ready meal when you've not got the time to cook, 

One meal out with your other half, 

One bottle of wine on a Saturday night, 

It's not going have a significant difference in the grand scheme of things, 

There's more of an issue when you expect to be perfect, can't be, feel like you've failed and so eat everything in the house and have a drink because you "may as well now!?"

It's when these foods become the norm in your diet, with a salad being the exception to the norm that you start to gain fat, 

One salad in a diet full of take outs, ready meals and booze doesn't make you healthy, 

So one take out, or doughnut in the office, in a diet that's mostly lean meats, fish and veggies isn't going to ruin your progress,

It's not about being perfect, 

It's about how quick you can get back on track again when you make mistakes, 

This is something I try to emphasise to clients, 

I get it times when they come to me and go, 

"My eating hasn't been perfect, I had some chocolate and went out for a few beers at the weekend,"

And that's alright, 

There's no point in me ranting and raving at them and telling them if they eat these things they're not going to lose weight, 

I can't change that stuff, it's already happened,

So it's about putting strategies in place so when they do feel like they go off track, they can get straight back on track again as soon as possible,

It's about taking blame away, so that they don't feel guilty for eating these foods, especially if they enjoy them,

And it's about helping them understand about energy balance, so that they have the power to make adjustments to their diet on a daily basis, to make sure that when they can't be fully in control of their diet, it doesn't slow their progress, 

Stop chasing perfection and start learning to be flexible with your diet,

Drop me a message by clicking here and lets jump on the phone for your FREENutrition and Training Strategy call and lets have a look at how we can make your diet more flexible

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