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Andrew Rimmer BSc
The man with YOUR plan

Andrew is a personal trainer and online coach, based in Wilmslow, Cheshire. 

Since achieving a degree in Sport with exercise and coaching science, he has been coaching clients just like you, on how to implement simple changes to their nutrition and lifestyle, along with their training in the gym to achieve some awesome results.

Andrew got fed up with seeing people turning to extremes; fad diets, banning foods, following unsustainable training plans, just to try and lose some weight. 

So as he started to educate clients on why good nutrition is so important, he gave them control of their diet, empowering them to make better nutritional choices and how to fit healthy, enjoyable meals and snacks into their daily life. This lead to them achieving some awesome results and now you can benefit from Andrew’s years of experience, without the time or location limitations of face to face personal training. 

Through online coaching, Andrew can show you how to be more effective in your fat loss efforts in the gym, as well as guiding and supporting you in building the right nutrition plan to lead to a new leaner you.

Nik’s Story

A big thank you to Andy for helping me to achieve these results. Looking back a few months ago, I actually didn't realise how out of shape I'd gotten. I'm also surprised at how quickly the results have come, just from adding some structure to my diet and training I now feel leaner, stronger and more confident to be able to take my shirt off on the beach.

Andy has been understanding of me and fit a plan to me and my lifestyle, meaning that I've still been able to have a beer at the weekends and have control of my diet, so that I can enjoy what I'm eating