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One Salad Doesn't Make You Healthy

You're never going to be perfect with your diet, 

Think about it, how many times have you said to yourself, "this week I'm going to on it with my diet,"

Only to last a few days and then get caught out having to grab a meal deal sandwich for your lunch, or coming how to find a big pasta dish cooked for you,

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The Real Game Changers

So, after hearing all the fuss, I thought I'd sit down and watch the Netflix documentary Game Changers the other night, 

For those of you that don't know, it looks at meat consumption in our diets and asks the question of whether we should be eating meat for our health and performance,

The only issue is that the producers, presenter and everyone else in the movie, have already answered that question in their own heads... and are then trying to push their opinion on you, the viewer, 

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New Headline, Same Story

New headlines, same story,

So yesterday the media ran the story that cutting back on red meat, doesn't do anything for reducing risk of cancer, 

In complete contradiction to the story that was run last year, based off similar studies, saying that there's a link between eating red meat and your risk of developing certain forms of cancer, 

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Ask Yourself This Question

Just a thought to take into this week,

Rather than tracking your weight this week, 

Track your behaviours, 

I kind of spoke about this other week, 

About how it's probably more important to set behaviour goals, than it is to set outcome goals,

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