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What's The Deal With Activity Monitors?

Are you already tracking how many steps you do each day?

Have you started wearing a FitBit?

Activity monitors have become more and more popular recently, with more people wearing a FitBit, and Apple watch, a Garmin or even just tracking their steps on their phone. Everyone is going in search of that 10,000 step per day target.

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Some Simple Health Hacks

Ok let's take the focus off weight loss and training today and put the spot light more on health. 

If you put your health first, then chances are, by making healthier, more conscious decisions in towards your food, drink and lifestyle, you'll see an improvement in weight and body shape as well. 

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It's Not Your Metabolism

One of the most common excuses I hear for not losing weight is, "I think I just have a slow metabolism,"

Now I'm going to stick my neck out here and say it's not usually because of a slow metabolism. It's usually due to an underestimation of calories being consumed from food and drink; or an overestimation of how much they're doing in the gym... they're not doing as much as they think!?

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Should You Be Counting Calories?

There always seems to be a lot of debate over calories.

Do they matter?

Should you be counting them?

There seems to be 2 camps; those who count calories and those who say they don't matter it's all about the foods you eat.

So I thought I'd give you my take...

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