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It's Not Aesthetics and Fitness

Saw some stats yesterday on the benefits of exercise,

I'm talking beyond weight loss here, 

We talk a lot about losing weight, dropping body fat and I often think that health gets lost in that, 

The industry is called the HEALTH and fitness industry after all, 

Not aesthetics and fitness!?

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The Middle Is Good

Apparently last Thursday was the hottest day of the year?

I know this because the amount of pictures I saw of the temperature on people's car dashboards,

It was around 34 degrees in Manchester, that's pretty much unheard of!?

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You Don't Need a Diet

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you don't need a diet plan,

Seeing the end of The Open yesterday got me thinking about this, 

It gets my beans going a bit and makes me think about getting the clubs back out again, going to the driving range to hit some balls, doing some practice and trying to get my handicap down again,

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I Don't Like Cricket... I love It

What a game that was on Sunday!

After almost plucking defeat from the jaws of victory, England somehow managed to win the cricket World Cup, 

27 years since they were last in a World Cup final, 

And there's been plenty of misery in that time as well,

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You Can't Compare Sugar and Smoking

So this came up on the old newsfeed recently,

BBC news headline, "Is It Time To Treat Sugar Like Smoking"

It baited me, I clicked on it and had a read, 

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