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Stop Trying To Lose Weight

I think you need to stop trying to lose weight

This isn't a joke, 

It's not me trying to come up with some click-bait headline,

And I'm not talking like your mate here, who's feeling bad because you're getting in shape and it makes them feel bad, so they want you to stop, 

I honestly think you'd probably lose more weight, get a leaner, athletic look, if you stopped chasing it

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The Rioja Gym

"A glass of wine or two before bed can help weight loss - as it's like an hour in the gym"

This was a heading in a Daily Mirror article I got sent this week, 

I can see people's eyes lighting up readings that headline, 

"Forget the gym, have a couple of glasses of wine? That's a weight loss plan I get behind,"

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The Lifestyle Manager

"What's the best exercise to help me lose fat?"

People always ask this question, 

What's the best exercise to lose fat from... insert body part,

Or, what should I be doing in the gym?

Then when they ask about diet, "what should I be eating to help me shift my belly fat?" 

"What should I be eating?"

"Should I be having carbs?"

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Have a Coffee, But Don't Eat?!

"If you eat, your body releases insulin, which switches off fats burning, so you don't burn fat in the gym"

This is what I saw yesterday on Facebook, in clip from the TV show This Morning,

They had some 'medical professional' on saying that if you eat before you go to the gym, you're not going to burn fat, 

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