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You Don't Need New Goals

Just having goals is useless, 

Might sound a bit strange for me to say this considering goal setting is one of the first things I do with clients,

But everyone knows their goals to some degree, 

I've never had someone come to me and not know what they want to achieve, 

"I want to lose weight,"

"I want to get back in my 34" waist jeans again,"

"I want to look like a go in the gym and let weights"

"I want to be able to run around with my kids without panting like a dog after 2 minutes,"

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A Simple Strategy

I often say it, but it's true, you already know what you should be eating,

I've never had someone come to work with me and get all surprised when I tell hem o eat more veggies and cut back on the snacks and booze,

You're not daft, you don't need me to tell you this stuff, 

Yeah you might need help with amounts; calories, protein, training and the likes

But the reason you're not in shape, isn't really because you don't what you should be eating,

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Everyday Is Payday

You have a budget every month for your finances right? 

Your wage comes in on payday, 

You then have your mortgage, food bills, car payments, fuel bills etc... that come out at various times, 

You probably have some money that goes into savings, 

And some left over to spend on whatever the hell you like,

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