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Steve Lunt BSc, MSc, MSST
Pro-Fit Physiotherapy
Former professional sportsman, provided rehab services to Australia 'A' cricket team; member of Physio teams at Macclesfield and Oldham football clubs
Senior member of the Pro-Fit Physiotherapy team
Cottons Hotel & Spa, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0SU
Total Fitness Liverpool Road, Chester CH2 1AQ

Available treatments

Injury Assessment

The initial assessment of any complaint will involve a full holistic screening in order to establish the mechanism of injury and the structures involved. This will involve the analysis of functional movements such as sports specific activities and gait pattern.

The assessment aims to highlight both the aggravating and easing factors of the issue and entails making notes of baseline measures and functional capabilities to help evaluate progress. Only upon completion of a logical and professional assessment may an informed and effective diagnosis be made. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made an appropriate treatment protocol can be selected and carried out in order to facilitate recovery.


Treatment plans are tailored to each individuals needs and progress is monitored consistently to ensure each patient is receiving the most effective service. It is not only essential that each injury or concern is treated in the fastest time possible but it is imperative that we put steps in place to facilitate the prevention of any recurrence of the pain, discomfort and ultimate inconvenience that come with every injury. Treatment plans can consist of one or a mixture of many treatment modalities from hands on techniques to gym based rehabilitation.

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary for further medical screening ie, X-Rays or Scans which can sometimes suggest possible surgical intervention and our reputation and experience has allowed us to form relationships with some of the countries best orthopedic surgeons and consultants. Following your surgery we'd be happy to help you get back on your feet, from the moment you return home through to your return to work, sport or simply your every day activities what ever they might be.

Postural Correction

Sometimes aches, pains and injuries can be prevented long before they occur. A lot of this may be due to existing postural issues. These can often arise due to previous injury, exercise habits, lifestyle choices or perhaps even stress. We've found that an in depth postural health check can effectively allow us to put preventative measures in place before that dreaded injury catches up with you.

Sports Massage

Using a combination of soft tissue techniques, massage can be adopted both therapeutically and remedially to improve tissue function, increasing circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage and reducing area’s of muscle tension. for example a trigger point is a specific point in the muscular and fascial tissues that produce a sharp pain when pressed and in some cases referral pain. Trigger point therapy applies concentrated finger pressure to ‘trigger points’ to break cycles of spasm and pain.

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